Established in 1923, Meridian Hills Country Club has provided a picturesque setting for making unforgettable family memories for generations.  From the luxury 18-hole golf course designed by the legendary Bill Diddle to manicured greens and gardens maintained by the Club, the impeccable grounds have welcomed families to enjoy the tradition, quality, and legacy of Meridian Hills Country Club for nearly a century.

“I grew up in Indianapolis and Meridian Hills was the place to go ice skating.  The skating pond was near hole #7 and the log cabin was nearby.  The cabin was placed near the pond each year to serve as a place where skaters could get warmed up near its fireplace.”    -Boris Meditch
“I grew up at the Club as a child and I remember Earle who was the maĆ®tre d.  I remember when the main dining room had finger bowls that were filled with water and members would squeeze lemon in them and rinse their hands between courses.” – Annie Knapp


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