Caddie Program

We are excited for the 2023 caddie season!  If you are interested in becoming a caddie at Meridian Hills, all candidates must:

We typically have a large number of applicants and limited space for placement. Please be sure to read through all of the information for the Meridian Hills Caddie Program to ensure your application can be considered.

The important dates to start the season are as follows:

  • New Caddie Orientation: Sunday, March 12th from 6PM - 7PM: Must be in attendance to be considered for the program in 2023. This meeting will cover the structure of the program, how we operate, what is expected of the caddies, what the caddies stand to gain, important dates (such as the ones below) and how to proceed forward in the program successfully.
  • Training Session #1: Saturday, April 15th or Sunday, April 16th (Caddies must complete Session 1 either Saturday or Sunday)
  • Training Session #2: Saturday, April 22nd or Sunday, April 23rd (Caddies must complete Session 2 either Saturday or Sunday)
  • Training Session #3: Saturday, April 29th or Sunday, April 30th (Caddies must complete Session 3 either Saturday or Sunday)

*You may attend Saturday AND Sunday if you choose to, but you are only required to come to Training on one day per Session. 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Zach Hall at [email protected].